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GMC-S series gantry processing center

Posted by: Sebahtstian on 8/24/2017 8:58 PM

Product description
GMC-S series of Long men processing center is my company's own careful research and development, design, production, manufacturing of the leading products. This machine is a table before and after the movement on the bed (X axis), beam and Long men frame fixed, cross slider on the beam for move around (Y axis), the ram moves up and down (Z axis) of the fixed beam machining center in Long men .
This series of machine advantages in the inheritance of the tradition of Long men machine tool foundation frame rigidity, symmetrical structure, strong stability and so on, the application of finite element analysis, prediction and optimization of machine tool effective static and dynamic performance are. Through the rational distribution of the overall layout of the machine tool and the structure of the main parts of the casting and the quality optimization, the performance of the machine tool has been effectively guaranteed, with a high performance price ratio.
product feature
1. High rigidity, long precision retention
2. High accuracy, high dynamic response characteristics
3.Good thermal stability
4.High efficiency
5.High quality
6.Large torque

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