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Accessories and consumable items for extrusion tooling

Posted by: Sebahtstian on 9/4/2017 1:18 AM

TRINITY can provide customers with all spare parts related to all extrusion production, for example:

Die heating plate, welding machines, thermostats, co-extruded hoses, shaped rubber block, hot air guns, polishing grab, all kinds of water and gas fittings, pins, vacuum pressure meter, and layering machine, punching machine and other parts small equipment.

http://www.trinity-industry.com/spare_parts_accessories_and_consumable_items_for_extrusion_tooling_and_equipment_p11767.html traction rubber block
http://www.trinity-industry.com/spare_parts_accessories_and_consumable_items_for_extrusion_tooling_and_equipment_p11767.html water-air connector
http://www.trinity-industry.com/extrusion_equipment_c3440.html heating cutter
http://www.trinity-industry.com/extruder_co_extruder_p11768.html co extruder machine for sale

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