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Ways to pack your kitchen items when moving to new house

Posted by: top10packersmovers on 8/28/2017 12:17 AM

Your glassware items need to be handled with too much care. Your cups, glasses, and plates made up of glass should be packed in paper first and then in separate and small boxes. So that it becomes easy for you to handle those boxes. For balancing put some flat sheet of cardboard on the top to make sure that your glasses should not move.
Begin by setting two layers of air wrap or pressing paper on the base of the container. Wrap each bit of dinnerware with a thin layer of pressing paper and stack them each one in turn in the case, including an additional layer of air pocket wrap or paper in the middle of each three dishes. For very delicate things, for example, wine glasses and espresso mugs, wrap them independently in T-shirts or tank tops and spare the cost of additional air pocket wrap.
Other miscellaneous Items
To save money on boxes, wrap your kitchen utensils and different other items with a solitary layer of pressing paper or bubble wrap. Once wrapped, tuck the pieces into your different boxes to top off the last piece of unused space. For heavier things, utilize a little pressing box.
With little care while packing your kitchenware utilities can help you a lot in easy opening and setting it. With the above mention tips, you can protect your entire kitchen item from breakage and any kind of damage.

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