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Maintenance guide

Posted by: Sebahtstian on 8/28/2017 8:43 PM

1. Maintenance and Repair
Every working date:
● before your maintenance please use the air guns to clean channel and sorting boxes, test ejector;
IMPORTANT ---- when use the ari gun to clean the sorting box , do not make the air gun blow toward the direction of the nozzle.
● During woring please inspect the signal indication (including work instructions, alarm indication) and the ejector action case;
● Inspect air compressor, air pressure, oil temperature, and the sound whether is abnormal, every working date please drain off water of compressor at least three times;
● After shut down machine 15 minutes,power off the power switch and air compressor switch, drain off water of air compressor;
● Use the air gun to clean the ejector, channel and sediment in the sorting box;
● Use the air gun to clean the inside of the machine, vibrator, hopper and Ash scraping device.

● Check the filter;
● Check the cleanliness of wiper brush;
Every six months:
● Replace the compressor oil once
2. Cleaning
Keep the machine clean is very important. When the machine is dirty, color sorting efficiency will be reduced, meanwhile the machine is easy to be faulted if the machine is working in dusty state . When you clean the machine, you may detect potential problems of the machine.
The Specific cleanup steps,please see the picture and description below.

1. do not use wool, scraper or corrosive on any part of the machine to prevent pollution-election materials.
2. when you clean the machine please pay special attention not to damage the surface of the vibrator special parts, channels, lenses.

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