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Aug, 26, 2013

   Words of wisdom from one of our valued customers.

Posted by wayne T-REX   

I have been in business for over 34 years and things have changed a bit over that time. We never considered any advertising other than “yellow pages” newspaper and maybe some radio or television. That was the way it was for the first 25 years in my business. Friends and customers told me about being on the internet but I was convinced that it was not here yet and I still think that I was right, it was too early. Hindsight says that it was coming faster than I thought. I have always been the leader in my industry and always setting the trends not following. About six years ago, the internet thing passed me so fast I did not see it go by, it is here!  My business was trending down for the first time ever, not a good feeling. I blamed everything and anyone for the problem but me. I was the problem and I fixed it.

The first thing I did was to hire fools and idiots who had no business sense or experience help me fix it. I did find out that everyone thinks they are experts about internet stuff, most are not they just think they are. I went to work and spent a lot of time and money learning about SEO, web design, functionality and how it really works. I can tell you that I am back and again the leader in my little part of the world.

The internet is fluid and every changing. The search engines are getting better and it is getting harder to fool the system. Like everything else in your business you need to give the customer a good value and honesty. If you are serious about being in business in this age you had better educate yourself and hire experienced, competent and honest people. Look at reallocating resources from the old ways of doing business to what is relevant for today’s market place. Wayne Wardle A1

Bottom line; hire to get you to the next level.

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