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Apr, 21, 2014

   Keeping your site up to date.

Posted by Admin T-REX   

It is very important for many reasons to keep your site up to date. First it is a great way to keep your site fresh and loaded with up to date information. This is very important to your customers letting them know that you are there. There is nothing worse than a site that has not been updated in years.

Updating your site regularly builds trust. It also helps with traffic. Every time you update information on your site, web crawlers or spiders pick up the changes and re-crawl your site. When updating your site make sure that you include good key words or terms.

Updating images keeps your site fresh as well. Its nice to see images change out when returning to a site. Its a good way to keep people informed and helps your customers see that the site is being payed attention to. Also try adding little images to represent the holidays or important calender dates such as Brest Cancer Awareness month.

Keeping your site up to date will help you to build trust, keep your site fresh and give your customers a reason to keep coming back.

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